Monday, 4 January 2016

Dry January/Drink Aware App

Hi all,

I write this post at the serious risk of sounding like I am battling an alcohol problem, this is not the case, and alcoholism is a disease I take very seriously. That being said, I am very aware of how over indulgent I have become with alcohol (mainly wine.)

I was raised in a middle class family who drink a lot of wine, and slowly but surely I found myself drinking more and more. I almost began to believe it was my right of passage to have a glass whenever I wanted. The introduction of a very stressful but enjoyable career added to my belief that I deserved a glass of wine almost every night!By September 2015 there was not a day that would go by where I wouldn't drink at night, and by Christmas I had reached the point where one bottle was simply not enough!!

So here I the beginning of January with a very fuzzy head and probably a slightly damaged liver. I am now partaking in the Dry January Campaign by Alcohol Concern. You can read all about Dry January here at

So far i'm doing well, it's lovely waking up in the morning feeling clear and refreshed as opposed to groggy and tired. I am hoping to also see improvements in my skin, and maybe a slight weight loss.

To help me along the way I am using the Drink Aware app which allows me to track what I previously drank, and shows me how much money I'm saving which is always a good motivator for me!

I will keep you updated on my journey, and please do let me know if any of you are doing dry January, and if so let me know if you are doing any fundraising so I can check out your pages :)

Speak soon,


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