Friday, 8 January 2016

Book Review [ S.K Tremayne "The Ice Twins"

*Disclaimer* This is my first book review and only my 5th blog post so please excuse me if I have rambled or lacked structure, I'm here to share my thoughts on things I love with you and reading is a true passion of mine so if you have any tips on what you would like to see in book reviews please do let me know!

Tremayne's "The Ice Twins"  was recommended to me in Waterstone's as a psychological thriller, and it certainly did not disappoint.
The book is told from the point of view of both Sarah and Angus Moorcroft, parents to identical twin girls Lydia and Kirstie.Their lives are thrown into a dark spiral when during the grieving process for one of their twin daughters, the surviving twin claims to be her dead sister. I knew I was going to enjoy this creepy book as soon as I read about Kirstie chillingly claiming "I'm Lydia, it was Kirstie who died."
This book is eerie. I was house sitting for family friends whilst reading it and I used to time when I would read with when my boyfriend would be around so that I didn't become too scared (sidenote I am 25, not 5). I applaud Tremayne for the chilling combination of a potential ghost twin, a remote Scottish island, and the brewing violent anger between Sarah and Angus. 
There are a few questions evolving throughout the story, which twin survived? Is there something we don't know about the accident? And what is causing the build up of anger and resentment between Sarah and Angus, to the point where they openly despise each other? The book is littered with spine tingling chills, and contains what I consider to be a brilliant twist that I did not see coming. I wasn't a huge fan of the way the book ended, I can't quite figure out why, but this did not take away from my joy in reading this book.
I found the book easy to read, and finished it in a couple of days, I would recommend to anybody who likes psychological thrillers, and found it comparable to the likes of Disclaimer, Daughter, and After the Crash.
If you have read The Ice Twins please let me know your thoughts! Please leave further book recommendations below!
Overall I would give the book a 7/10. 
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