Monday, 5 October 2015

October essentials that you didn't know you would need!

"Generic comment about how fast this year has gone and how I can't believe it's October already"

For those of you (all of you) who don't know me personally you won't know that this is the time of year where I turn into you're typical young British girl and start raving about how much I love autumn!!

The reason being, I truly think England does autumn so well! Spring is ok, we can never get summer right, and winter is rainy and cold! But autumn brings clear crisp mornings, beautiful changes in the leaves, and it also goes hand in hand with warming foods like soups, casseroles and pies! Whats not to love??

October is the month for me where I really start to make a conscious effort into transitioning into the colder weather. Which brings me to my list of my personal Autumn essentials!

  • Vaseline (whichever chapstick works best for you) - If you are anything like me then my lips begin to become entirely dependent on a constant application of some form of moisturizer, Vaseline is my personal favorite, as it is cheap and always the most effective.
  • Sunglasses - I wear my sunglasses more in autumn than any other season in England! Mainly when driving on those aforementioned crisp sunny mornings!
  • SPF - Even if its not warm the sun is still shining and your face is still being exposed to the rays! Protect yourself!!
  • Hand Sanitizer - As we transition into the winter months every single British person seems to become a walking sniffle. Use hand sanitizer to minimise risk of contracting colds, bugs and flus!
  • Vitamin C - If the above tip did not help, then overdose on Vitamin C, As soon as I feel any kind of throat tickle or cough I overdose my system with Vitamin C. I mean literally take 7 vitamin c tablets, then two hours later take another 4. Continue this until you feel like you have fought off any unwanted germs (roughly one or two days).

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